S1 Episode 4: Sneakermania, sneaker riots, and sneakerheads with Brahm Wachter

Ask any 20 year old who loves sneaker culture what their "dream" job would be and most answers will resemble Brahm's actual job at Sotheby's, where he is Vice President, Head of Streetwear and Modern Collectables.

When Brahm was in my class, in the spring of 2019, I sensed he was cool. He knew a lot about brands, always wore interesting sneakers and baseball hats to class, and was very approachable.

Even though I learned then that Brahm is a talented cook with legitimate culinary school training, I never knew how a pair of sneakers had defined several major moments in his life from his first business to his application to business school and from his fashionable outfits to the pair he just gifted his newly born, beautiful daughter, Violeta.

For Brahm, a pair of sneakers has been the ultimate "object of desire."