S4 E1 From Vogue to Rogue with Negar Mohammadi

Courtesy: Harper's Bazaar Arabia

Dates, almond oil, persimmon, pomegranate... These recipe ingredients that have given Persian women their legendary beauty from the inside out are also the core pillars of hair brand 14th Night, founded by Negar Mohammadi.

Sun-kissed, athletic, and curious, Negar mastered the technical aspects of business as a young professional working for a major consulting firm in Paris--yes, like Emily in Paris but with real work involved. 

Armed with fluency in French and a sense of true luxury, Negar returned to New York and rose up the corporate ladder in the city's competitive fashion industry. Her last corporate post was with VOGUE.

Listen to her story to get all the sensorial details that define Negar's journey in hair beauty and learn how she  bottled them all in a series of divine natural formulas that are good for the hair and, mainly, for the soul.