S3 E6 At the Edge of a Cliff in Dubrovnik with Mathias Rosenzweig

Mathias Rosenzweig is one of the most talented creative persons I have met. You have probably read his work through the pages of V Magazine, an authority voice in fashion. Mathias started as a writer covering the music scene for Interview Magazine and quickly rose to an editor's role covering fashion shows all over the world. His portfolio includes directing and hosting the podcast V Wanna Know (backed by V Magazine), in which famous students are connected to world renowned experts to explore the student's topic of interest in depth.

An avid traveler, people observer, and creative soul, Mathias is also producing his own creative writing and working on a special full-length project.

Mathias Rosenzweig is a writer splitting his time between Brooklyn, New York and Lisbon, Portugal. Upon graduating from New York University, he became the Senior Music Editor of BlackBook Magazine, as well as a regular contributor to Paper Magazine, Galore, Noisey, i-D, V Magazine, Malibu Magazine, and Interview Magazine. Today, he is the fashion editor at V Magazine while also exploring other creative projects.