S3 E2 She Wore Blue with Jenn Rugolo

A sculptural extravagance in blue silk, a dress by fashion designer Mohamed Benchellal made Jenn's heart skip a beat. 

She, in turn, chose the words to describe it with nuance and precision on Populuxe today. Pay close attention to her voice as it carries us back to Jenn's early music education in a household of musicians, in a memory-making family, and a culturally rich career filled with the aroma of coffee.

Jenn Rugolo is an editor and product manager focused on print and digital communications in specialty coffee, a comfortable role found after years of chasing varied interests down various rabbit holes.

An ex-academic and recovering musician, Jenn holds both a Bachelors of Music Ad Hoc (Northwestern University) and a Masters of Arts in Ethnomusicology (University College Cork) as well as a Diploma in Irish Traditional Music (University College Cork).