S3 E12 The Right to Roam with Håvard Utheim

A passionate explorer of nature, a committed adventurer, a tech entrepreneur whose mission is to create a sustainable and equitable travel industry for all, Håvard Utheim moves from idea to idea and from start-up to start-up.

He is the type who has vision, sets the mission, and culls the right people to populate the new business. In doing so, he is also working on ensuring that the beneficiaries are many as opposed to the usual select few.

Listen to this episode to find out what his connection to Succession is.

Håvard Utheim is an entrepreneur. He founded several companies, including: The Transparency Company, a database and a practical tool to manage, document and communicate social and environmental responsibility; Travelopment, a company that provides education for those in the travel industry; Re-Treats, a system of mobile high-end hotel rooms built with used materials; and Nanook,  a company that matches travelers with more sustainable travel options.