S2 Episode 1: First Came Love Then Came The Business with Charlie Roberts

Echo New York (originally Echo Design) is a family-run company founded in New York City in 1923 by two ambitious, hard working, young entrepreneurs who also happened to be husband and wife. Today, their great-grandchildren are still in charge of and growing the company with great commitment to the values of quality and creativity.  Making people's lives meaningful through its products is Echo's vision.

In this episode, Charlie Roberts, one of the founders' great-grandchildren, discusses a painting by American folk artist Kathy Jacobsen. The picture belonged to his late grandmother, Dot, who was Echo's CEO for many years and long before the age of #girlboss. 

Charlie Roberts is the Managing Director of Sales & Marketing and part of the 4th generation at Echo Design Group, Inc., a fashion accessories and home décor company founded by his great-grandparents. He holds an MBA from NYU Stern and a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College in Vermont. He lives with his fiancé in Brooklyn.