S3 E3 Rolex Rulez with Carol Altieri

Carol Altieri's passion is to bring big, shiny and well designed objects into your life. She does so through Bob's Watches, an online marketplace she co-owns with her husband Paul. Yes, Paul, no, not Bob.

In addition to buying and selling for her customers, Carol has amassed an impressive collection of vintage watches part of which she is bringing to market through a private sale in collaboration with Goop.

To tease us, she brought with her a Rolex Day-Date President with a Black Onyx Dial, a piece she acquired many years ago as she became more and more invested in the secondary market for prestige watches. It turns out design watches tell more than the time. They tell personal stories, style stories, and even war stories.

You can find Carol online or in one of the two locations Bob's Watches operates, one in Newport Beach, CA and the other in Naples, FL.