S2 E5 Never Meant to Be with Tobias Meinecke

Tobias Meinecke is a story teller.  Critically acclaimed filmmaker, sought after film director of creative projects for luxury brands, writer, actor, and, most recently, book publisher, Tobias Meinecke is the co-founder of Love Child, a company that develops stories.

Tobias studied in Munich first and then in New York City, at Columbia University, under the tutelage of master teacher Milos Forman.  Technically meticulous and creatively unruffled, Tobias has adopted Sebastian King's mantra "go create" and enjoys the unpredictability that his practice allows him.

Tobias Meinecke is an award winning screenwriter - director - producer based in New York City and Berlin. Dedicated to character-driven storytelling that equally illuminates the human condition and entertains, he has three television series and six feature films in development, financing or pre-production.