S2 E3: The Femininity of Things with Kathleen Guzman

For the most part, women have been left out of history regardless of the weight of their contributions to science, the arts, design and any related field. These forgotten creative minds need champions.

Kathleen Guzman, a most accomplished auctioneer, happens to be a supporter of other women's work both historical and contemporary. Having spent her professional career, in its many iterations, surrounded by beautiful and valuable objects, Kathleen is the perfect guest who can illuminate Populuxe listeners about luxury spending, conspicuous behavior, collecting and desire.

Having recently left her post at Heritage Auctions, where she was Managing Director/SVP, Kathleen joins us today for an insightful conversation about objects of desire, starting with the work of Arts & Crafts artist Marie Zimmerman.

Kathleen Guzman is a recognized auctioneer, appraiser and lecturer for over 40 years in the Arts and Antiques sector. Her career has included managerial positions at Christies, Phillips, Heritage and eBay, as well as her appearances as an expert on "Antiques Roadshow" since the show's inception.