S2 E12 Telling Time with Ariel Adams

A digital media publication with close to two million users, ablogtowatch founded by Ariel Adams, educates, helps, and guides consumers in their decision to buy watches and to build their collections.

In the 20 years that Ariel has been in the watch collecting space both as an enthusiast and a professional, things appear to have changed and social media have played a big role making watch buying more accessible.

Not all is what it seems though. Ariel explains to us why the watch industry is filled with options that far exceed the few norms perpetuated by social media platforms and that severely limit people's taste and behavior.

Ariel Adams is based in Los Angeles, California and travels abroad and domestically to connect with watch brands and watch enthusiasts about the art of watch collecting. As a luxury brand communications expert, Ariel writes and talks about watches, luxury, and marketing. He also produces a podcast on the subject called Superlative.