S1 Episode 9: He Who Runs for Pleasure Never Tires with Artur Pretto Junqueira

Join me in this episode of Populuxe as I reconnect with my former student and now accomplished architectural photographer Artur Pretto Junqueira. Together, we explore French philosopher René Girard's work on human desire and some of the famous and emerging Brazilian architectural practitioners.  And surprise, surprise! We end up talking about New York City. But how not? This is where our paths crossed and where our lives changed.

Quem corre por gosto não cansa.

Artur Pretto Junqueira is a Brazilian architect and architectural photographer. He graduated from the Brazilian Universidade do Vale do Taquari with a degree in Architecture and Urbanism. As part of his study, Artur did a year long exchange student program in Architectural Design at The New School in New York City. Interested in visuals and aesthetics from a very young age, he now shares his vision and hopes to help others to share their own through photography.

Here is a link to Artur's published work.