S1 Episode 8: A Scofflaw She Ain't but One She'll Have with Daphne Howland

Legend has it that the Scofflaw, a classic Rye cocktail, was invented by the famous bartender Harry Craddock during the height of Prohibition at Harry's New York Bar in Paris in 1924.  Daphne Howland, Senior Reporter at Retail Dive, discovered it in Portland, Maine where she lives with her family.

A talented writer and accomplished photographer, Daphne ruminated on whether it ever gets easier to talk about luxury even for someone like her, who tackles questions on the subject on a daily basis as she delivers news on fashion, beauty, retail and luxury.

An existential exercise for most, choosing an object of desire landed Daphne on her recently acquired T1 Phone SB phonograph. 

It turns out desire works best when it's Friday night and her husband... well,  listen to the episode and find out what happens!