S1 Episode 7: The Daughter of the Sun Will See you Now with Aida Sykes

Globetrotting? Gratitude? Jaunts to the global north?

Aida Sykes has had the privilege to experience it all based on academic merit and opportunity. As an actively engaged young leader in her native Tanzania she doesn't take any of the aspects of luxury lightly.

On the contrary, her own exposure to both the North and South, deep understanding of expressions of inequity, and clear vision of how these can be addressed, have made her one of the most promising voices on African Luxury today.

During her visit with Populuxe, Aida shared her memories of a beautiful luncheon at the Parisian Ritz and left us dreaming of amuse bouche, canapés, and pigeon au floc.

Listen to this episode to savor luxury in the presence of the Daughter of Sun. (Hint: Her identity will be revealed early on but keep listening!)