S1 Episode 10: 12 Eggs and a Scarf with Marie Constantinesco

The girl who fell in love with Fluffy, her sourdough starter, is actually the woman who kneads stories in her kitchen. She is a filmmaker and her name is Marie. 

Marie possesses the type of elegance that allows her to transform the most humble vintage outfit into glamorous fashion. Her vivid imagination pushes her work beyond the boundaries of filmmaking and storytelling. How does she do it and what drives her desire to create?

A talented baker and cook, Marie approaches the practice of the meal with the openness of spirit that leads to breakthroughs in writing, immersive visuals, and a sense of whimsy in her filmmaking. Oh... and she  knows a lot about sourdough, farmer markets, and old recipes too! 

 Îles Flottantes anyone?

Marie is a French director, writer and photographer. Using non-traditional framing and composition, she captures raw moments of beauty and creates appetizing visual narratives with a touch of humor and a sense of humanity. She directs food commercials and narrative films about falling in love with a sourdough starter.

Prior to turning to filmmaking and obtaining her MFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, she studied law and English literature at Cambridge University and Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.

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