S1 Episode 2: A Teddy for Sophie with Sophia Panych

What is it like to be backstage at fashion shows? And which elements of the pre-social media era remain memorable to Sophie Panych from her early years as a beauty editor?

An international expert and well-known beauty influencer, Sophie identifies any one of the four iconic camel hair coats by Max Mara as her object of desire. She tells us all about it, where and when she saw it for the first time and what made it so magical for her. In the process, she lets us in for a peak at backstage madness and celebrity encounters. Sophie just joined Farfetch as Head of Beauty content.

Sophie has been a celebrated performer of traditional Ukrainian folk dance. In her honor, please consider donating in any of these five verified charities that can help the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and life. Populuxe chose to donate to World Central Kitchen.