S2 E4 A Poisonous Love with Chris Santa Maria

A pair of Nike running sneakers and a flat screen TV were two of the objects that Chris Santa Maria presented to me as possible conversation starters. Well, that's not how this episode went... and admittedly, it is longer than usual.

Do listen till the end of the whole 45 minutes because you will learn about the mighty power of a Princeton brush and the extraordinary details of often harmful and unsustainable materials that artists are using to create their work.

The desire of the next creation and the next and the next is what keeps Chris Santa Maria going, no matter how poisonous that love may be some times.

Chris Santa Maria is a visual artist working in a variety of media (collage, drawing, painting) and is based in Brooklyn, New York. He is also the Director of the Joni Weyl Gallery, a legendary institution that has been representing the publications of the Los Angeles-based workshop GEMINI G.E.L since 1984.